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« : Lipanj 12, 2006, 06:08:37 »

Pjevaj mi, pjevaj = sing to me, sing


Once upon a time, in the Dinaric Alps on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia dwelt a transhumatic, ovindimaceous folk known as the Lichani. Years past, these migrant shepherds would pasture their flocks in mountain meadows during the hot summer months, on coastal plains during winter, and on the slopes in autumn and spring. As people frequently are, coastal townspeople were jealous of the shepherds' freedom of movement and closed off the coastal pastures, restricting the shepherds to slope and highland meadows. Overgrazing led to economic hardship and many of the Lichani emigrated to America.

These shepherds developed few musical instruments: primarily the gusla for epic poetry (their major art form) and bagpipes for annoying the landlord ambiance. Their dances are accompanied by singing or by just the rhythm of jingling "dowry" necklaces, and by the rhythm of feet beating the earth.

Lichko Kolo properly refers to many of these "silent kolos" but in the U.S. generally refers to that dance introduced by Dick Crum in 1957 and re-introduced by Atanas Kolarovski in 1969. A similar but more intricate and competitive version was presented by Elsie Ivanchich Dunin in 1967.

Note: the myth of dancing silently to avoid Ottoman troops is just that: a myth. The Dinaric Alps are remote enough that not only did the Ottomans not conquer them from the east, neither did the Renaissance penetrate from the west. This remoteness probably accounts for the atavistic leftward-movement of the dance, a characteristic of very old European dances with pre-Christian antecedents reflecting sun-worship.*


Open circle, kolovoda (leader) at L end, hands joined and held down, free hands also held down at sides.
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