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« : OĹľujak 27, 2007, 07:26:00 »

How did Stajnica get its name?

Old residents of this region claim that Stajnica was called “Ostavnica” (Leaving Place) because people would emigrate and leave all the natural treasures and beauty under this sky for years and years.
Why are people leaving Stajnica?

Many people have been forced to leave this beautiful place under the blue sky in the region of Lika and immigrate to parts all over the world, leaving behind beautiful and agricultural rich land.

Currently, the village of Stajnica feels empty in the middle of summer. One afternoon I was walking from the well known as Murkovich and was following a path to the village of Vujaci. I did not come across anyone, not even to say hello or to ask a few questions. Even as you look at the pastors, you will see only a few sheep with their one shepherd. However, compared to a few decades back, you would see more than a few thousand people.

It is a shame that all the natural treasures and beauty, which were bestowed upon the village of Stajnica, has not generated any significant business of any kind in the region. Abundant sources of natural water, many of which have been tested and scored as the cleanest water in the Republic of Croatia, could be very a significant factor in developing a strong fishing industry, in particular, for Trout fish as well as Lobster farms.

The village of Stajnica is surrounded by a mixed forest of Silver Fir (Abies Alba Mill.), Spruce (Picea excelsa), Pine (Pinus pinaster), Fir tree (Abies koreana) and majority is Common Beech (Fagus sylvatica L) Developing a Forest and Pulp industry could be a very good move and improvement for this region such as in the early days of the last century when well known Mr. Murkovich owned a saw mill that employed many domestic people from Stajnica and the surrounding area.

With the development of Highway Zagreb-Split, which passes the village of Stajnica just a few kilometers away, a good opportunity has been created to develop tourism in the area. Stajnica offers cool pure water, clean fresh air, and a peaceful quiet environment, which could definitely bring pleasure and relaxation to a person from the city.

During a conversation with a few people, it was interesting to learn that they have access to the Internet and Web mail. With this availability, communication can be established with people not only from Croatia, but also throughout Europe as well as North America and other countries.

Located just a few meters under the base the Mountain Velika Kapela, you cannot help but look at the natural beauty of Stajnica in a silent awe. However, at times you will be disturbed by the noise of a farmer’s tractor, or the sound of a chainsaw or the set of cow-bells echoing from a far distance and you cannot help but smile.

The clear fresh air gently penetrates through the pores of my skin and sips of clean cold water from the natural source of Stentino vrilo (Shtenta’s Source) is so refreshing on hot sunny days.

Stentino Vrilo was well known in the surrounding region. Owned by my grandfather Toma, it was a good family business and source of income. For a long time, he was running the water mill every day until deep into the night under the light of a candle or petrol lamp, all the while singing his favorites songs.

Holding my photo camera and fixing my sight on beautiful green hills over Old Poplars which are still standing straight and strong as they did many years ago, something came to mind:

Neither myself or all the others before me who have left the village of Stanjica will ever be able to forgot the Green Beautiful oasis on the Rocks of Lika

Tom Perkovic
Hamilton, Ontario

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