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Autor Tema: Stajnica’s Landscaper under the Mountain of of Velika Kapela  (Posjeta: 9516 )
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« : OĹľujak 27, 2007, 05:43:10 »

Stajnica’s Landscaper under the Mountain of of Velika Kapela

Just imagine is there anything else better in the whole world other then the sound of the Honing stone sliding over a Sickle early in the Summer morning creating a pleasant harmony. Every morning our hero under the Mountains of Velika Kapela does the same job cutting his green grass with a  Sickle’s great technique .
However uncle Marko age of 74 does it quick and without hesitation like age does not playing any significant rules in his life.
I could not resist not waking up and seeing him in person.

“Good morning Uncle Marko,  how it’s going’?
“Good morning Toma, it’s going

“What are you up to so early, did you remember a while ago the way we used to cut grass over here”?

Of course I did ! I said that is nothing new for me !

I came here to take a few pictures of you cutting this beautiful grass, then I am going to post it onto the Internet so people from all over the world can see you, believe it or not !

He looked at me;  and slowly but surly bent over to grab some of the fresh cut grass and started  cleaning dirt from his Sickle, quickly after that he pulled out a honing stone and began to sharpen his Sickle. Located just a few meters under the base the Mountain Velika Kapela, you cannot help but look at the natural beauty of Stajnica in a silent awe

Tom Perkovic
Hamilton, Ontario
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